Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Boondocking in a Starship

I had to park my thoughtship in the Walmart parking lot for the night to effect repairs of the graviton generators. I set the cloaking to make my ship appear like a Class C RV. That way no one would even look twice, I see class C RV's parked overnight in chain-store parking lots all the time. I did some research and what I found is that lots of RV Full timers will park overnight in a parking lot to get some sleep and rest from driving on the way to their next great boondocking or RV hookup site.

How do you do that?

A lot of people have asked me how I manage to make my Thoughtship look like a Class C Recreational Vehicle. The exterior of the Starfire is covered with a microns thin layer of nano-coat. The nano-coat is sprayed onto the outer hull at the factory like a paint, except instead of pigment it has microscopic nano-machines called pixelbots that can change colors, have no color at all, or just reflect light at a certain angle. Signals transmitted through the hull of the ship to the pixelbots contain a hexidecimal code which tells each tiny pixelbot what behavior is required by the cloak generator control module.

Much of the time, for example when I am parked in orbit around a planet, the nano-coat will be in absorb mode. The pixelbots turn a dusky bluish black color which is how they look when absorbing photons to charge the battery banks that power the convenience oriented functions of my starship. Interior lights, television, mp3 surround sound player, non-essential computer systems, and other non-system critical devices.

Boon-docking my Thoughtship in the Parking lot for a night.

Usually if you make a purchase or you ask the manager politely, large chain-stores with huge parking lots will allow you to park your rig overnight if you keep a low profile. In my case it shouldn't be a problem. I will have to buy several electronic devices to scavenge the parts I need to make the required repairs to the graviton generator.

Time to go for now, I need to go talk to the walmart manager and ask him politely if its alright to park my "RV" in the parking lot overnight.

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